Buildez – born builders – building and renovating homes that combine beauty, practicality and functionality. When you choose the experts at Buildez to construct your new home, or modernise your existing home, you are assured that we’ll be working hard to realise your dream, your vision, your plan. Our broad experience building and renovating all kinds of homes, town houses and investment properties means completion of your project in the shortest possible time. Buildez does the lot, from your front fence, to your back fence – and everything in between: construction, kitchen and bathroom installations, acoustic insulation, painting, tiling, decking, and gardening – we do it all for you, following your plan. Our 100% client-focus ensures the design you ask for is what actually gets built. With Buildez as your partner, you’ll be home before you know it.

Our Services

  • Investment Properties

    Buildez is fully aware that the average investor needs to have their investment property earning returns as quickly as possible...

    Kitchen Renovations

    A kitchen renovation can be a great investment in your home. It can improve your quality of life, but also add to the value of your home.
    Enjoy all new fixtures and technology with a renovated kitchen.


    Renovations are a great way to modernise and add-value to a home. Whether your renovation requirement is a relatively...

  • New Construction

    Buildez is vastly experienced in all forms of new build, from a fresh start on a green-field site, to an existing brown-field...

    Garden Design

    Buildez offers a garden planning, design and planting service allowing you to fully enjoy your whole living space as soon as you move into your new.....

    Energy efficiency

    To counteract ever-rising energy costs it makes sense, and is most cost-effective, to incorporate energy efficient features into your home at the build or...

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About Us

“Working at buildez is more like being with your family. Everyone cares about each other, depends on one another, and pushes to make everyone better.”
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